Images not shown

Why are my images not displayed properly?
This is what I get in the designer view:


This is what I get om my phone:


The images are in png format with a transparent background, 64 x 64 pixels, displayed with 32 x 32 pixel size. I tried various settings for the image size, but they remain balck dots.

Here is one of the original images they represent LEDs on the arduino to which the app is connecting):


PS: I tried the same using Kodular, and then they are shown correctly.

We do not know.

Please show your relevant blocks / designer etc.

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Can you post a small as possible aia that shows the problem that you are having.

I removed all blocks in order to keep only the designer elements for the aia file and now the icons are shown correctly. So, one of the blocks must be the bad guy...
I will add them one at a time and see what happens.


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Problem solved. Error in my block "screen1.Initialize" where I must have used wrong references to the pictures for the image objects to make them look "dark".


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It's great that you helped yourself. As you can see, it is worth starting with the analysis of your blocks and then asking on the forum. :wink:

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