Images not loading/showing when APK is installed

Good morning.
In my app I read a csv textfile with 80 lines in this format
Title,picture-name.png,descriptions about the picture
I read the lines in random order when a button is clicked.
I tested this with the companion. Everything worked fine.
When I created my first apk and installed it on the tablet, I found that the images are not loading or not showing. I cannot figure out what the issue is.
I have 80 images with a size of around 40 kb each. The image size in my app is defined with 300 x 300 pixels. I have also changed the size of my images to 300 x 300 pixels. I have assumed that I need to upload all images into the App Inventor and create then the APK. Questions:

  1. What could be the issue?

  2. I need this app only on one tablet. Is it an option to create the APK without the images I load via my csv file and instead place them directly in the app directory? If this is possible, how do I need to reference the path in my app? In the companion mode I had just // and all files where under the android companion files directory


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