Images from google sheet to see them in a listview using ColinTreeListView


I am doing tests to build a larger database, where the user will be able to see all the data related to each entry. I've been following the discussion at Display 4 parts of circles in ListViewer, but instead of using lists built in the designer I built a base on google sheet. Everything is fine if I load the images in the assets, but if I insert the images into the google sheet, I can't see them anymore. I have the links to each of the cells that have an image (“sheet name” + edit # gid = 0 & range = A (number)). The question is: is there a way, using the ColinTreeListView extension to see the google sheet images without having to load them into the assets? Considering that databases can load hundreds of rows, that would save a lot of space in the app.


You need to place an image view url in your spreadsheet for each image, then you can download that data when you call the export, and then set this url in the listview for your image. Your images must have permissions on your google drive: anyone with the link can view.

With this method the entire image is still downloaded so that it can be displayed, but the image is held in memory and not saved anywhere to your device.

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Thank you Tim but the truth is that I can't make it appear in the listview buttons. The examples you sent I can't reproduce. When requesting the link, google drive gives it to me in this format:

which is different from your example

Anyway, I edited the link according to your example and I didn't get it to appear either. In your example, the images were in the first column and the URL in the second. Now I put the URL in the first column but I can't see them either.

I just wanted to show the difference in the way google drive shows the link

This works for me:

ctlvdemo.aia (50.1 KB)

(The first remove block removes the header row, the second remove block removes the empty list item for each element [because the image in cell feature on Google Sheets transfers an empty cell to AI2])


Great. It now works in mine as well as in yours. Apparently, I forgot to delete the file/d/ part. I tried also replacing "download" with "view" and without anything and it is still working fine for what I need. Thank you Tim for your time.

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