Images as buttons suddenly stretched?

After entering the App Inventor to modify my application, I noticed that the image buttons have become distorted and stretched horizontally. This is a new issue that I have not encountered in my two years of experience with App Inventor. I suspect that this issue may have arisen within the last month or so, as I haven't been active during that period. Could this be due to a bug or is there another explanation?

Show your setup and properties for these "image buttons"

Here's the web preview. You can see that the images aren't stretched.
Here are the properties of the "scan" button.
Here's the preview on how it looks on the phone. I've also tried building and then installing it, and I've got the same result.

It applies to all button elements that use the image. I know they stretch to hold a larger amount of text, but that's not the case here (the text field is empty, I simply add labels below). I've also tried putting them into horizontal alignment elements, table alignment elements and directly on the screen, and they seem to always get stretched.

What is your screen setting fixed or responsive?

Try this, does the button stretch for you here ?

stretchyImages.aia (2.2 KB)

Sorry for the late reply! I have tried your project and it works fine. My sizing is set to responsive, but changing it to fixed doesn't change anything. Oh well, I guess I've built a too complex app at this point.

Just an update, it works fine if I change the theme to classic. Any other theme will stretch the buttons.