Images aren't switching properly

I was going to make this meme type thing to show a friend later but I can't get these 2 pictures to switch. When I go to click the first picture it works, but when i click the 2nd it stays the same. There's probably an easy fix but I can't seem to find it. (sorry for it not being important :sweat_smile:)

I thought if i did the same thing but backwards it might work, but it seems to not work so I have no clue.

What are you trying to achieve ? Since you hide and show picture1 and picture2 why setting image1.Picture to Image2.Picture and vice versa ?

Im confused on what you just said, brains not clicking but I'm trying to get the images to switch when I click. Click on Image1 it changes to image2, click on image2 changes to image1. I don't know if that's enough info but it's the best I can do. @dora_paz

Try something like this

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Is your image clickable property true? If not turn it on.

Not available without extension in MIT Appinventor

I believe it is available without extension

From designer


From Blocks


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Oops, that memory of mine...:wink:


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