Image Zoom with fingers

Hi Community,
Please help How can I zoom in and zoom out an image with fingers?

That's very helpful,
Thank you very much !

Hello Eric

You can also set the image in an HTML page (no internet required) and display it in a Web View component.

OK, Thank you ChrisWard :+1:

Hi Dora,
i had downloaded the extension and watched the sample, but i don't know how to set the path block, do you mind explaining me how to make the path ?
Thanks !

I have used this extension but i couldn't get result.

I need to zoom in the image which is in asset. Now what should i do for path?

Probably the extension is not prepared for images in the assets?

Try to copy it to ASD and then zoom from there, see also


Then, is this false? :disappointed_relieved:
I had downloaded that image from draft mail...What should i do to this 'Try to copy it to ASD and then zoom from there'.
should i create any file for the image?

try to use ddifferent path.

May I use tinyDB

what do you mean? please explain your self.

I'm able to zoom in/zoom out image but getting this error ' The operation Scaling cannot accept the arguments: , ["Scale:0.9688 X:585.27625 Y:507.31799"]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.'

Error solved by changing Scaling to Animation.

but why Animation? Do you really understand what you are doing?

Are you trying to show the scale/x/y to a label maybe?