Image to QR Code

Is there a way to convert any Image into QR Code.

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You can convert the image top a base64 string, then use that string in the text for making a qr code.

Sorry Sir TIMAI2 .
Noted for this base 64 string. do you have any guide for this..

You want the first one.


GoodDay sir TIMAI2 I follow your code but my AICompanion crashes

But When I try to Use the extension of sir Juan I was able to convert the Image to string but the same my AICompanion crashes.
I think that If I convert to .APK I can use it properly but there are errors prompted I hope this can help find the problem and solved it.

My second Trial Code
I just want that my textbox.txt and the image which will be convert by Base64 string will combine and create a QR-Code. and vice versa
(Scan QR-Code and be able to show the input in textbox.txt and image. )
Thank you.

You have probably hit the character limit for a qr code:

You may need to store the image on the device, and place a file path to the image in the qr code for retrieval and display of the image

At last you're awake hehe will do sir..

I think there is no possibility to transfer to other device the Image via QR-Code. Correct me if Im wrong sir. It is only possible if the image will be stored in web.


Best I can offer is the ability to place a thumbnail image in the centre of your qr code....

Will do this...
Shame I thought I can do my application operational even offline. well there is more ways to do it.
Thanks for your patience sir TIMAI2...
I will move to my last part which is tinyDB/List picker save as .CSV Ill closed this topic.

Or you could possibly do something with the overlay function in Taifun's image extension, to display the image and the qr code....

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I don't know if this is applicable but I want the app to work like this.
-The client will input their Information and upload their ID then It will be converted as QR-Code.
once converted they will just show the QR to other device. I can decode the text but not the Image. if it is not possible then ill move on to the next problem of the app hehe.

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