Image to Google Drive

Good morning, dear all. Could someone help me with uploading a photo taken from Inventor 2 and simultaneously saving the link to this photo in a cell on a Sheets? I already have the recording of the other fields working fine via a form. I know how to record the other fields I need in the Sheets using a form, but I'm missing the part of uploading the image and its link...

(once you get this working, we can look at adding the link/ID to a sheet)

a more complex solution

That's interesting, my friend. I imagine that I need to install some extension to use in Inventor 2... If so, where can I download it?

Yes, for my method, you need the extension to convert a file to base64, but the extension by @Juan_Antonio is free to use.

And where can I get it? Because I can't find it in Inventor.

The Base64 extension is linked in my guide, under "MAIN HOW TO" but here is a link for you:

Thank you, my friend. This extension is for your method. To get the one from @Juan_Antonio, how can I obtain it?

The Base64 extension is by @Juan_Antonio, I use it in my method.

I believe you are referring to @JEWEL 's paid extensions.
Click on his video, and follow the github links (in the video description) to find out how to purchase the extensions.