Image to cloud db

Hello, I wanted to create simple social media app. Every post is a list under All_Users tag. The list contains post data and base64 encrypted image at position 4. Can sb explain me why the picture3 updates but I can't see the image in list view?


The block Image3.Picture is not an image filename, nor a path to an image file, nor a url to an image file.

You could use a canvas instead of an image component, directly load the base64 string to it, then add a canvas saveas block to ImageName in the listview elements builder block. This will save an image file to your external storage / ASD.

Thank you very much for your message. Im pretty new to AI2. Where exacly should I put canvas save as block?


The canvas has to be visible

Should it look like this?

Try it, see what happens (give a proper filename with extension)

It seems that I can't connect canva block directly.

Works OK like this:



Check the similar topic:

Thank you very much, it works.

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