Image + Text Strings ListView - Save As Favorits - List Now Not Visible Anymore


I have for a spice app a new kind of ListView, which I also would like to save inclusive the image as a favorit.
The difference is on the one hand the image and on the other hand, that I have written the whole 108 spices with the images in the designer area in the ListView like you see it on the screenshot1. There is no list inside of the block editor. And now I have also the problem, that the list is not shown anymore. Before I created the code for the favorits, which I have copied with the backpack from another app, there were the listview items visible also when I packed my app and when I looked on the tablet in the app. The goal is, also to save the image and the texts as a favorit. Does there exist a possibility? Thank you very much.
Have a great day!

can you upload a clear photo? they are not readable.
Right click on Workspace, clean up blocks, download blocks as image, then upload here

Dear Kevinkun, Thanks, but before some minutes I have deleted these blocks, because I think it is only possible, when the texts and the images are in the block area as a list. The user has a search where he or she can search for the special words of the spices and he or she can share it. I only try to share the whole images and texts including the details. Thank you for the info about how to make the screenshots of the blocks. I made a normal screenshot with Strg + Print (Druck in German). Sorry for waiting. I made an error during saving the screenshot of blocks and all my backpack content was in the blocks editor approx. 50 blocks and I had to delete them manually. Here is the screenshots of the blocks I have. Perhaps you have an idea for how to share the image and the texts with details. Thanks!

Sorry, I am lost. Can you explain to me in short, what's your problem?

Dear Kevin, I have deleted the favorites feature. Now I only please need to know how I can share with the share function also the ListView details and images. Do you know a solution? Thanks! Sorry for the confusion. Thanks.

this is how to get selected MainText, DetailText, and Image path

Thank you very much, but these are loose blocks. I have a share button, there will be the first two blocks. But do I need an if then block or how and where I have to connect the call ListView1 block? Thank you very much.

Now I have this. What means "Selectionindex"? Is this the whole list?

you want share the image itself? or image path?

(I did not tested this block)

SelectionIndex means which item you selected, like 1 or 2 or 3...

If possible, I would prefer the image itself not the path. I have tested it and I got only the "xname.png" but not the image itself. Do you know a solution please?

Sorry I see you have shown the solution, I will try it immediately. Thank you very much!

Error 2001: The file Borretsch.png could not be find on your device.

Dear Kevin, what is wrong please?

Use Do it with the companion app to reveal the path provided to the image. You may need a full or absolute path in order to share the image.

Thank you!

Dear TIMAI2, but this would mean, that I have to create a list with all image pathes from the 108 images I have? Right?

I do not know. It is not clear from your blocks where your images are (on google drive?) Are you only providing urls to the images on google drive, or are these downloaded to your device? If so, where are they ?

Dear TIMAI2, my images are uploaded to the designer area. I have downloaded an .AIA file and opened it with a WINRAR zip and put the images into the assets folder like Anke has shown in her animation. So the 108 images are all in low resolution in appinventor designer of this app. But I have now deleted the image feature. I think it is ok, if the user can download the title and the details text and this I have coded correctly. The images are really small 80x80 px and the user has not really an advantage of this image in my opinion. Thank you. See image please.

again, why your photo is so blur?
You build your listview items (more than 100) in design view? That's insane.

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as @TIMAI2 said, you need a full path:

test in companion only

You cannot share files that are in assets! These would need to be copied to a shared folder or your ASD first before sharing.