Image Static Not Zoomed

I created an application where pressing a key from screen1 brings to screen2 where there is an image.
from the device, however, the image with the touch on the screen cannot be zoomed remains static
Thank You

Hello Stefano

What you could do is make the image the only visible element of an HTML file and display it via a Web View component.

thanks for the reply but how do i make the image element visible in an html file?

You just supply the webviewer with a full path to your image file on your device.

hello TIME 2 you can't give an example thankssssssssssss?

You should really try things for yourself. If you are stuck read the documentation and search the forum. Most questions have already been answered so there is no need to keep asking them and spamming the forum.

if I ask a question it is because alone I have not succeeded
only with the help of the forum I can learn
Thank you

Yes, but you can search the forum for answers too instead of asking ones that have already been answered. The documentation is also there for a reason.

People these days are too lazy to do anything for themselves and just want readymade answers. This will be my last word on the topic. If the mods want the forum to be spammed with multiple topics about the same thing that’s their problem. It’s just really annoying seeing the same nonsense over and over again.

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thanks for your help i'm new to the forum i can't move well and i just started with it app inventor
very nice

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