Image sprite movement isnt smooth

Hey guys im making an app in which your character "falls" through the sky and his goal is not to hit the clouds (like the pou fall game). I want to add more features but for now my goal is to make the cloud movement smoother. In the pou game the clouds move up like they're on a video whereas in my app they seem to teleport higher if you try it out you'll see what I mean. id be very thankful for your help

This is the game for now
IcarusFell.aia (752.9 KB)

the cloud sprites are set lower so they dont respawn in the middle of the screen(the y axis)

You may have reached the limits of what AI2 can do with animation and motion in the canvas. AI2 is not a "serious" game building engine, you may have to look at other applications to achieve your goal ?

I just had to lower the interval so it moves smoother thank you for your reply tho

I wast just about to send a link to the webpage below to tell you the thing before you figured it out.

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