Image spinner extension

Hello guys, I am searching a way to put images instead of texts on a Spinner control or if exists a spinner supporting images.

Use a dropdown or listview extension, or just set the native listview (just using images) inside a dialog extension. Or use dynamic components, or the recent Tableviewer extension. Many ways to skin this cat :cat:

May you suggest me a dropdown extension? I wold need soething called "combobox" in PC frameworks. I need to setup the language of the app, 6 languages will be supported and to select it I would like to use 6 flags instead then words. The "combobx" should show the selected language.


Aarrrrghhh... sometimes focusing too much to what I need I forgot known good solutions... in a different context I already used this extension a couple of years ago and I totally forgot it... thanks TIMAI2 it is a good practical solution using the 2 buttons I have on the interface as anchors.

TIMAI2 I am also searching a button that I may place over a map, a camera or a bcrreader when they are active and that I can enable and show when needed. Do you know any useful button extensions for this purpose or something similar?

Why not search Taifun's extension directory yourself ? There are several solutions...