Image shows in companion app but not in apk file?

I have a similar problem in a much easier context. In my app, the user can draw a Chinese character on a canvas. The drawing is saved as a .jpg file, and then shown alongside the correct solution on a second screen. These are the blocks on the screen where the user draws their character:

and here is the relevant block on the screen where the saved image is displayed:

Screenshot from 2021-07-30 19-39-24

Chinese4P.jpg correctly shows in AI Companion but not in the .apk app. Why not?

Hello Pieter.

This similar app example might help

It works in both Companion and the apk.

It appears you are not saving your saved Canvas link and then do not transfer it to your second screen. :cry:

Dear Steve,

Wonderful! It works :slight_smile: Here's the implementation for my particular problem:



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