Image Picker not showing or showing the image I am picking

Im testing the Image picker for a basic pseudo profile page and I need users to pick a picture on their phone for their profile pic and whenever they exit the app and go back in, their picture would be saved. I tried it, and somehow it doesnt show it on the image block or it isnt saved. I tried both in Bluestacks and on the phone and nothing is shown or stored in it. Does anyone know the problem?

FINALTrackpaws.aia (1.8 KB)

  • Show your blocks.
  • Companion or APK?
  • Which Android version?

The Blocks are this

And I used APK for my phone, for my Computer I use Bluestacks for my emulator

Also my phone Android version is 6.0.1

Sorry for leaving out the hardware specs.

On Android < 11 you must request WRITE permission. It should work with Companion because WRITE permission is declared in the Companion's Manifest. The ImagePicker only declares READ permission, so you must add e.g. the File component (as a dummy) and enable WRITE permission there. This will declare WRITE on Android < 11 in the Manifest.

Put this block in the Screen.Initialize event. If you do not want storage permissions you should use the ActivityStarter.

Ive added the block

But it keeps resulting to this.

I've went in to my phones settings and tried to add in write permissions, but the only permission is to enable storage

As I said, WRITE permission must be declared in the Manifest.
Otherwise you cannot request WRITE permission.


Ah, thanks for the clarification. It works right, though the image auto adjusts to whatever the size is for the uploaded image, but that is fine.

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