Image or text when opening the application

Hi, how can I set an image or text when opening the application? Thank you


Do it in the Screen1.Initialize event.

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Hi, thanks for the answer ... ie do I add a screen1 initialize module and then add the image?

Add all your needed components in the Designer first, then switch to the Blocks Editor.
It wouldn't hurt to do some Tutorials or watch an introductory video.

Yes, I already have all the necessary components added, I should just insert an image or text when opening the app

This is the tutorial that shows you how to do it ...

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OK thank you very much :+1:

I'm sorry, maybe I explained myself badly .. I meant in the initial loading of the app not in the first side of screen1, I already did that.

  • basically in the initial loading before the app opens

Maybe you want a timed splash image before screen1 showing
SplashImage.aia (74.1 KB)

Yes, I meant it this way even if first a gray background appears .. then the splash image and then all the components created in the app appear. all in all it can be fine.

Some splash screen ideas....