Image Optimizer Extension issue

Hi Taifun, I think I found what causes an error in the application that I was commenting on in a post on Kodular, when using this extension in Android 11 I get the error "Operation not permitted". What would you need to change for this extension to work properly on Android 11?

see my answer here


Hi, where are you trying to save the file in?

Hello, a question, how would I make this extension work in android 11?

Hi can you send me a demo project or can you show me how to reproduce the issue?

Next I send you the post where I placed the image of the blocks that I use in the application that uses that extension.

I'm using defaultValue:


@Stanley_Roman you are using Kodular...
Kodular still did not implement SDK30 completely...
results therefore might be different here in App Inventor...
I will move your question and corresponding answers into a new thread, because it is actually off topic concerning App Inventor
the correct place to ask would have been the Kodular community...


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ok, Thanks Taifun

You can no longer save in the root dir of the external storage on Android 11+. Save in one of the Shared folders or in the ASD.

With AI2 you must remove file:// from the image path (not necessary with Kodular):

See also here:

@Taifun I listed it again, because this also relevant for AI2.


Thank you all very much, I was able to solve the problem.

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