Image not show from Google sheet

Hi, 1st Thank you for help.
Dear I have face 1 more problem,
I create my project appinventor with Google sheet, I can do send data, read data, but not sending or show any image from Google sheet. I already try to my best & I try to flow other post on this community. But I don't any solution on this problem? Please check my uploaded image I try to understand on my .

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I think the image will appear if you change the image on Google Sheet with a link.
Example :

Note: ImageView can display an image from a link

You question was answered here:

If for what ever reason this doesn't work for you, explain further.

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If you are still struggling, see attached example aia project

getImageFromSheet.aia (3.0 KB)

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Is a Very Lengthy process.
Exm: I Have Create 200 row data evry row hove defarent photo for defarent parsion, now I have Need to Edit Evry parsion photo link. How Is Posible? Is Very Very Langthy Process. Not Posible. Have any Defarent waya For Show Photo From Google Sheet?
I Have Face Same Problem. I have need to Show Photo From Google Sheet.

You need to automate your work on google sheets with google apps script functions or formulas on the sheet.

Get the file ID for each image, then process it with functions/formula.

Please tell me details.

Aside from the links above, you need to provide a detailed workflow in order to identify where automation can be applied.