Image missing in a reference list


In my Assets, I have a CSV list of references (ex: 105215) and images that correspond to these references (ex: 105215.webp), but I don't have all the images for all references in the list.
If an image does not exist for the requested reference, I want to display a label that says "missing image for this reference".
I tried: if "not" visible, "image-height" <5, Image = (); without finding the solution.
Do you have a good idea?
Thank you in advance and have a good day.

Why not make a generic image that says no image available and use that?

Excellent !.. But in fact, if you think about it, it will weigh down my app, :worried: :fist_right:because at this moment I am missing a lot of images in the list of references and on the other hand, when an image is requested another label indicates : "click on the image to enlarge", label that of course, I want to make invisible when there is no image.

Why not ? If you use a File manager extension, this will provide an "if file exists" block, you can use this to then exclude the file from the display....

This is THE solution ! I tried: it's perfect.
Thank you

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