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Hey There! I am a beginner
I wanted to know that how can i get a shareable link for an image which was selected with the help of activity starter by the user.


Did you mean file path as Activity Starter returns uri?

yes i want to share the link of the image’s file path for other users

on like clouddb

Do you mean after having uploaded an image to cloudDB, to share the link to that file ?

To do this each user would need access to the cloudDB instance, and then they could use the tag for that file to view the image.

If you are running your own redis server (cloudDB) - it may be possible to extract a direct link, but this may expose the security on the server…, however the image is stored as base64, therefore the link would need to ensure the ability to either convert back to a binary file, or display in an html viewer.

Sir, I am using a listviewer to display the contents of the cloudDB under a fixed tag.(For eg. sending an excess food pick up to the admin of a charity with an image so that he can pick it up)
And listviewer can’t display an image. Therefore, I was asking for how could I get a link so that adin clicks on it and image opens.
Please provide a detailed solution for this if you can.

It would be great help!

I did show you how to do this in your other topic :wink:

Put the taglist (tags for all uploaded images) into a listview. The user selects a tag, the afterPicking event is then used to fetch the value for that tag and display it in an image component.

Sir I got it But i am using listviewer already for the tag “endHunger”

Use another listviewer, or a listpicker ?

Got it, Sir.
i suppose the blocks will be
when listpicker1.afterpicking
set image1.image to ??

Yes, looks like it

set image1.image to???(i am asking then what?)

Thanks a lot @TIMAI2
I must say that the power users of this community(inc. you) have helped me a lot.
Previously, when I did not know about this I searched the net for my personal problem’s solution but couldn’t find it.

Thank You!

@TIMAI2 sir
only the user who has uploaded the image is able to see the image in the image viewer when I work with your blocks…
pls solve the problem

Are you sure you are saving the file and not the path ?
(You can test this by deleting the file once you “upload it”)

Yes, that's what's happening
Btw I am uploading activitystarter1.resulturi
same happens with imagepicker1.selection

Please guide

You will need to edit the file paths for both of those.

For the activityStarter resulturi you may need Taifun’s File extension to convert the content uri to a file path, if you are using GET_CONTENT you will get a content uri you cannot convert, so use PICK.

For the image picker you will need to do some text manipulation to create the correct file path

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to use 3rd party extensions in the contest I am participating

See here, might help: