Image issue in fetching image file from URL

A strange image issue gets me confused:

I cannot get the image appear to my Image component by pointing to the image file with the URL, where the “pic_name” variable is the actual image file name without path

And the “pic_name” variable is NOT empty, as the notifier
…is resulting: “http://nnn.nnn.nnn:8080/pics/app_inventor_1579180929288.jpg

However, if I use it without variable using the absolute filename directly:

…then the image appears and the ShowAlert notificator results the very same string as with variable:

Any idea what could be wrong here??

  • Tommi S.

Works OK for me. Check that global image_pic is loaded in your top blocks. Right click and Do It.

“Check that global image_pic is loaded in your top blocks”

Sorry I did not quite get it. Do_It is greyed in everywhere.

Here the whole block:

You should be able to run Do It (when connected by Companion app) on the items circled:


Looks like the JOIN block (at bottom) does not return the value as it should;
There should be URL address + the picture name.
But join block returns only the URL, although the pic_name variable returns correctly the pic_name.

And this notifier alert still returns the whole string correctly!

So confused now…

  • Tommi S.

You have an extra " and ] here


Amazing, you were right!
I was so tired debugging this issue so better eyes were needed!
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

This was the correction:

  • Tommi S.

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