Image from a Map

is there any way to get a picture from a Map including also Markers?
I didn’t find any information about how to use Map1.Save and for what it is for and so i don’t know if it can solve my problem or not.
I just need a picture of a Map selected.

according to the documentation Maps

Save( path )

Save the contents of the Map to the specified path.

however I never tried this...
for a picture you also probably could try the screenshot extension App Inventor Extensions: Take Screenshot | Pura Vida Apps
there are also other extensions available, see the extensoins directory here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


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I made a map, added 2 markers and a circle. Saved the map to: /storage/emulated/0/map1.txt
Got this in the file:

{"type": "FeatureCollection", "features":[{"type":"Feature","geometry":{"type":"Point","coordinates":[-71.09682083129884,42.36044660837456]},"properties":{"$Type":"","draggable":false,"infobox":false,"visible":true,"stroke":"&Hff000000","stroke-opacity":1,"stroke-width":1,"fill":"&Hffff0000","fill-opacity":1,"anchorHorizontal":3,"anchorVertical":3,"height":-1,"width":-1}},{"type":"Feature","geometry":{"type":"Point","coordinates":[-71.08772277832033,42.35435779476656]},"properties":{"$Type":"","draggable":false,"infobox":false,"visible":true,"stroke":"&Hff000000","stroke-opacity":1,"stroke-width":1,"fill":"&Hffff0000","fill-opacity":1,"anchorHorizontal":3,"anchorVertical":3,"height":-1,"width":-1}},{"type":"Feature","geometry":{"type":"Point","coordinates":[-71.08463287353517,42.3647591610627]},"properties":{"$Type":"","draggable":false,"infobox":false,"visible":true,"stroke":"&Hff000000","stroke-opacity":1,"stroke-width":1,"fill":"&Hffff0000","fill-opacity":1}}]}

Will this help? I understand you can place the markers by sending them in the url.

thank you all for replying me and thanks TimAI2 for explaining how Save method works.
At the moment the best way seems to be taking a screenshot, i will try tomorrow if i can solve with it.
Italo, with Api key google made the things boring and complicate or it would have been good to provide just an url.

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You can use Taifun’s Image Extension for cropping your screenshot…

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I have just remembered Jerin Jacob’s Component to Image extension. Possibly just what you want!

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Good idea! If you are going to use Jerin Jacob’s extension, keep this in mind:
Not all components can be saved as image, in my case I tried saving a webviewer and it didn’t do it. It only created a white image. So if the same happens with the map component, put it inside an arrangement and convert the arrangement instead.

woooww! this extension is so cool !!! Just what i was trying to find!
thanks a lot Tim.
This Jacob deserves a monument, great work!

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Italo this extension is great, it worked for me also on Map1 directly without arrangement, but inside the arrangement it’s even more powerful because it really opens new frontiers to fantasy!
Thanks a lot for your precious support!

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