Image combination

Hello there,
I have created a quiz app with almost 25 topics. Before each topic I display 3 images for the explanation. This amount of photos caused my app to lag and be slow. My question is: Is there a better way to display the photos or at least combine these images in one image only?

find the photo attached.

thanks in advance.

Size/Type of images ?


30 -35 KB each


Not sure why that would cause a lag ?

Do you have 27+ screens ?

No, only 3 screens

Your image shows Screen5... I guess you deleted some others.

Still cannot see why three images 30-35kb each are causing a lag. Do you load them all (all 27 topics) when the app initialises ?

It is stuffed with 10mb of ad extensions. I won't be loading that up.

can the ads cause that lag and make the app slow?

Try it yourself...

sure I will

... and try it also with the APK.

I have tried the apk file but there is no difference. I don't think the ads are the reason.

Ok, then make a short video of your test device so we can see where and what the problem is.

here is the video.
The scrolling isn't smooth