Image classification problem

Hi there. Firstly ,I want to thank you all in advance for your efforts to make this community up and running.
I'm very new to the app inventor and scratch and forgive me if my question seemed a little to simple.
I want to make an Image Classification App. So I watched demo's like PICaboo and etc, but I want to implement different approach that demo. In PICaboo demo, developer makes the whole app in only 1 screen and for 2 class of image dataset. I want to make an app that have multiple classes like 10 . I already have trained a dataset o images for 10 classes and the results are acceptable. But when I want to design the blocks I have 2 main problems.
First I do not know how to assign more than 2 class to image classifier blocks;
And Secondly I want to show a picture(or pdf file) in the second screen when the classification done, In simple, I want to show a predefined pic or document when a class of image recognized.

This is my block design so Far and I want help if possible to you. Thanks again for your Answers.