I'm trying to put a low score feature that uses a tinyDB to shows the lowest score of all time. Have any tips? I'm new to MIT APP Inventor and I need it ASAP for my CSP class

Try a variation on this:

Ok, thanks. I'll try that.

Is there any way to automatically do it? For instance, if the user gets a highscore of 50 for example, however they make too many mistakes in my game which leads to the end of the game: Is there a way to save the score they previously had automatically.

Thank you.

Is your scoring like golf, where lower is better, or is it like bowling, where higher is better?

My TinyDB example can work for lowest scores if you flip < and > in the comparisons.
(Assuming you read the code.)

My scoring is I'm trying to find the lower value rather than the higher value. Its the Lights off 4.3 CSP assignment and I just need to savetheDB1 to save a score, but it won't work

I don't know that requirement.
Show the assignment.