I'm trying to make a Datepicker a users birthday for a login, and I don't know how to do it

Here is the code, I'm trying to make the code so it can detect if someone is 13 years old+.:
Note: I am new to MIT app inventor, so I'm pretty bad at it.

Use a Clock component in the Sensors drawer.

Clock.aia (2.1 KB)

Thank you, this really helped! :smiley:

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Note that the "<" block is an external input block. To get it, drag out an equal block from the math drawer.


Select "<" in the drop down.


Then right-click the block, and select "External inputs".


You will get this.


Alright thanks, but I got a question, what if someone was 13+? What will happen?

And is there a certain property I need to change in the Clock?

Nothing will happen.

You don't need to change any properties. Leave them alone.

Alright, thanks!

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