Im making a simple app that identifies if you are late or not using if and else block

hello everyone, i am making a app that identifies if you are late or not but as you can see even if the user is not passed 11:30am he is still late and wont declare that he is early, how can i resolve and fix this problem?

To compare time, you'd better to change the string time to an instant, please check the Clock component, there are blocks for make instant from text string.

like this?

where can i find that math block?

In the maths drawer

You need to right click and select inline external input for that "look" [edit]

External Inputs :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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i did the it but it is an error

You should read the documentation about how you can make an instant from a time



i did it but still an error "The date you entered is invalid"

You are testing on iOS?

says it should work....

(from my phone)
Can someone post a draggable blocks test of that code fragment to run in a Do It on iOS?


Does that block work in your Companion under a Do It?

Show us?

The OP fed Make instant hh:mm:ss but it only takes hh:mm ?

Both hh:mm:ss and hh:mm working.

In android :slight_smile:


In iOS?