I'm looking for a program [ to control several servo motors using arduino and ai ]

I am looking for an Arduino pan tilt program with 2 slide switches and an app that can control the servos from 0 to 180 degrees. As simple as possible
Who can help me, or who knows an example on the internet that works
It is much appreciated, I've been searching on Google for a long time but I can't find anything that works either the arduino.ino is wrong or there is something wrong with the mit app program
I would like to make a project that can scan the sky remotely ( above the camera , and where I am the controller at home ) I already got the camera installation in order with IP webcam , so I can already see something but the servos are not moving yet
Who can help me please
Kind regards

Here is a google of ' arduino az el control ' It lists a lot of arduino based solutions for satellite tracking apps.

Most of these projects control antenna rotators (similar to pan tilt). They might be helpful.

These are programs that show the sky constellations. The 19 Best Astronomy Apps in 2022 | Night Sky & Stargazing

Some of them can control telescope mounts to use the app to point a camera at constellations. Not what you want but the apps might point you to appropriate Arduino projects and hardware.

And some related stuff arduino sky photography - Google Search

Thank you very much, i appreciate this very much