Im beginner can someone help me fixing an issue where i cant retrieve my data in firebase

I was trying to retrieve the data in firebase to mit but it wont work i already check the firebase link and token its correct, i think there something wrong in my code blocks
Here my screen 1 blocks for entering the data to firebase and it already working

Here my screen 2 blocks

And here the firebase in which i wanted to get the data of it using vehicle no

You need to show more of your firebase console data, to include the vehicle number ?

What do you mean i cant comprehend show more of firebase console data, my screen 2 design is where i put the vehicle number that are already on firebase and if the vehicle match to the firebase then it retrieve the data such as color, date, make, model and if it doesn't detect it would show no not found

None of the other data uploaded is related to the vehicle number.

How will you store vehicle No 11, without removing the values for Vehicle No 10 ?