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How to make a Rubiks Cube app in MIT App Inventor

How to add effect in label in MIT APP INVENTOR

How to make pdf viewing app in MIT App inventor

for more videos visit our channel link:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWye8DXv-JsdEcgsvEpTCaw

There could be more structure to the videos, for example a diagram or list describing the stages that lead to the finished App, and why certain components/layout items are chosen.


Also, when using other developer's extensions in your videos, it would be polite to give accreditation and a link to the extension.

[edit] I see you do link to the extension page on youtube


ok Thank you

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I think you can make your videos more detailed as per what i see you just take blocks from extension developer's demo blocks without describing them do you count this as a tutorial or guide?

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ok i am just trying to make that app and Thank you