IDEATION - 80" Tablets

I teach in a high school. Just before the pandemic, all classrooms in the district PK-12 started receiving 80" Promethean boards (Android-based interactive whiteboards). This will be a student brainstorm, but I'd also like to get your ideas.

What apps can we create that will be helpful to classrooms that have an 80-inch screen (and webcam)?

Ah, they are doing them android based now :slight_smile: When I got them in for my school a few years ago it was Windows only.

With regard to apps, it all depends on what and how you want to teach. it would be great for displaying demos (but I guess not so good for block construction....)

You could have fun sending data from one screen to another screen in another classroom...or creating apps that act as a portal to other services, e.g. youtube, web pages, or god forbid social media platforms!