Ideas for App Inventor 2 Anti-Awards



For the user who says, 'Hello. I have a bug in my project. I don't want to tell you anything about the project. Thank you.'


The Great Wall of China


The Great Wall of China is a tourist attraction used to keep invaders out. It is very tall, and some reports even say it is as long as the Equator. Many people, mostly people without hiking skills, have attempted to finish climbing it, but few finished.

So, this award can be given to the users who know nothing about App Inventor, but wants to make a copy of Google apps or Minecraft.

They post, 'Hey everyone. Can somebody make me a version of Google Docs?' and are immediately also awarded the Wheedlie award.

If the user wants to climb the Great Wal, just give him/her a Great Wall.


LOL. There are also examples on the web about comparisons similar to this.

Taken from


that actually wasn't that's still a pokemon.


The Toto Wolff Award


To acquire this prestigious award, you must have had to misunderstand somebody's solution, and then carp to them without apprehending your grave misstep.


The Loch Ness Award

For the user who encounters a bug in their project and claims it 'works' before, and you take a look in their AIA, it would have never actually work.

A person reports to the police that he has encountered a Loch Ness monster. He showed them a photo of the monster, and claims that he sees it every day. You take a look at the photo, and immediately realizes that it was a drawing of a monster.

Inspired by ChrisWard's post.


Peter, three days ago, I claimed the 'Aficionado' badge and the Dry and Wet award while coding with MIT App Inventor and posting in the forum :joy:

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Well Explained :+1:

"Easily Understandable Human", is this a better name? I was thinking for a while :rofl:

This is an award which goes to the most well explained person in each topic... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am one of this kind :rofl:
I need this award, :joy:

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This does not appear to be an Anti-Award ?

Perhaps you get the award for user most likely to not understand the nature of the topic ? :wink:


I didn't get it well, its an award :rofl:

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Cuckoos don't build their own nest. They just hide their eggs in the nest of other species and if the host species doesn't notice that strange egg then the newly hatched cuckoo will actually take the whole nest for itself by taking other eggs in the back and dropping the eggs from the nest.

This award is to that developer, who develop an extension from some other developer's dependencies or classes and post it on the community without giving them a credit.


There is one person who can claim the gold medal in this category. All power users know who this is!


Thank you @ABG, this has become a most interesting list!


Bats Award

Bats sleep in the day, but wake up at night. This award can be awarded to the developer who does exactly opposite as everyone's advice, like when we tell him/her to not do something, that's the exact thing she/he will definitely do.


I designed a Discourse badge for that.



I photoshopped some brand new badges.

How to get these badges

To get the Cuckoo Developers badge...

  • In the last 100 days, must have copied at least 3 dependencies / classes from other developers without credit,
  • Must have zero knowledge of Java or Kotlin but makes extensions.

To get the Doppelgangers badge...

  • Must have copied at least 3 tutorials from the community,
  • Must have ignored at least 10 negative comments from their videos,
  • Must have at least 2 viewers who watched their videos getting help in the community.

To get the Bat Award badge...

  • Must have ignored suggestions from at least 4 community users,
  • Must have ignored at least 2 articles of the posting rules (such as Naming Conventions).

Also, for all of these badges, 'You can use this badge as title' and 'You can earn this badge multiple times' are enabled.

Can someone suggest requirements for the other badges? :blush:


what's wet means?

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The answer is only a Google search away...


Violations of DRY are typically referred to as WET solutions, commonly taken to stand for "write everything twice"[4] (alternatively "write every time", "we enjoy typing" or "waste everyone's time"). WET solutions are common in multi-tiered architectures where a developer may be tasked with, for example, adding a comment field on a form in a web application. The text string "comment" might be repeated in the label, the HTML tag, in a read function name, a private variable, database DDL, queries, and so on. A DRY approach eliminates that redundancy by using frameworks that reduce or eliminate all those editing tasks except the most important ones, leaving the extensibility of adding new knowledge variables in one place.[5] Kevin Greer named and described this programming principle.[6][7]

Taken from Don't repeat yourself - Wikipedia



Three brand new Discourse badges.

To get the Pluggers badges...

  • Requested in the community at least 7 times for extensions that can be easily replicated with built-in blocks.

  • Forgot the addition, multiplication, join, and/or and the open another screen blocks.

To get the Plungers badge, in the last 100 days...

  • Used at least 70 assets in one single project that can be replicated with image or sound links.

  • Used at least 3,000 blocks that can be reduced with at most 600 blocks.

  • Used 300 components in 1 screen that can be replicated with DynamicComponents or CompCreator.