[Idea] Crowdfund for Hossein Amerkashi to help AI2 Team with development related publishing to the Apple Store

Hossein Amerkashi developed the original AppToMarket software which allowed AI2 to publish their Android apps to the Google Play store. This software was a big deal early on when App Inventor was getting started. Do people know him/ if he’d be interested and would the MIT AI2 Team even want his help?

Hi @mike,

At the moment, there is no way to export apps for iOS. There is no build server, so apps cannot be exported yet. Talking about signing, as far as I know, Apple is much more restrictive when talking about security and signing apps. I don’t think that a software like App2Market may be possible for App Store.
And as there is no buildserver implementation yet, we don’t know how MIT is going to work on it, so we cannot talk about a hypothetic piece of software like that one.

BTW, in case you did not notice, Hossein Amerkashi (@hossein) is the one you criticized and asked for an injunction at [IMPORTANT] Why MIT Legal Department should issue an immediate cease and desist letter and file for an injunction against the company Junnovate, LLC. He is the Head of Development at Junnovate, LLC.


@Diego thank you, that’s what I’ve been wondering with regard to the building/ exporting for iOS. Would be nice to have a more concrete timetable to when things could be expected to be available but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

@Diego @Hossein apologies you guys. Didn’t understand how closely you work with MIT AI2 and how it benefits from platforms like yours in offering a different sort of flavor of AI2. Much respect and my best wishes for your future success in and around App Inventor.
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@mike its no issue and all is good. Thanks to @evan for his excellent reply and his credit :pray: in related post :mailbox: