Icon button with writing

Hi, I have a button that says Send e-mail.In the app a word SEND MAIL appears, I can instead have a drawing with a letter and the word SEND E-MAIL.

mmmmmmmmm, I don't want the icon to appear when I click, I want a button that has an icon

have you seen the extension??

Buttonicons ,but I don't understand how it works

For example:

In the block code where I specify that this action of the button icons must be associated with a button called "visit the site" this button must open a site in the block code.

I'm not sure if I understand what you want... one thing is the button with an image, icon or whatever, that you can get it with the extension...and other what the button have to do...you have to implement that in the Click block...

for the moment I solved it by loading the image from a button. then with the Activity starter I open the site

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