I would like to make the average of number in a text box using the program I have but I don't know how to. Can someone help?

many of the words in the buttons are in italian, but I don't think they can cause any problem
school_desk.aia (315.9 KB)

Please show your relevant blocks, especially the textbox content that holds the numbers you want to average.

You have this block:

you can use like argument the list of numbers.

you mean all the blocks I use for the list picker?

the red circle is where you should put your number and the other one is were you should visualize the average number. If hope are the correct things you asked

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where i have to put it? sorry but it's my first time using the app and it's for a school project

Each time you add a number...at the end of the save button, for example.

Do you have anything different than numbers? you can see it in ListView....any blank?

It works perfect for me:

Maybe you need to protect your input data to ensure you only add to the list numbers.

no, I don't

paste the same like me using "Do it"

I don't have the option "Do it"

You need to connect the Companion.

how do I do it? sorry, I can't understand how.

How are you testing your app?

On an tablet, so I have to connect the table to companion and then I have to use the option "Do it"?


ok, thank you.

Thank you it works, sorry If I didn't understand what you were meaning sometimes :slight_smile: