I would like to get a exception for a if else, but it does not work as i intend it to

I want to exclude letters that are in the progress label from showing up in the wrong letters label but it does not work. what am i doing wrong?

Can you show examples of what you want and don't want?

You will probably need to include (join) all the "right" letters so far with the letter in TextBox1.Text. You will also need to test for progress.Text being empty?

i want to show all the letters the user trys in a label called wrongLetters.
but it also shows al the right letters in the label, i want to make sure that letters that are in the label progress are ignored and dont show up in the label wrongLetters.
it works but it shows all the letter and not just the wrong letters. help:)

this way it works the wrong way round, now all the right letters show up in the label wrongLetters en the wrong letters dont show up anywhere.

Try this:

wrongLetters.aia (2.7 KB)