I wonder if someone knows these files within media window

Hi to everyone, just by chance I have discover three strange files that appeared in my medias´s window (where I have all my app´s pictures and audios , I dont know if it is a kind of a virus.
Does anybody knows something about it??strange_files_on media window
Thank your for your time

see here


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Thank you for your answer but tell me please , what can I do to protect it from virus because my idea is to upload it to google play. Is there any way to protect my app?

This is not a virus Javier. It is a bug in the latest release of App Inventor. Some people believe this error is a side effect of a bug in the AI2 nb184 drag and drop to Media folder option, which allowed browser unwanted files to be dragged into the Media folder. Removing the item(s) from the Media folder usually fixes the problem according to some people.

Did you drag and drop files into the Media folder? If you did, these unwanted files might have accompanied the file you wanted. Use the advice in ABG's post to remove the unwanted files from you aia file. After you do that, reportedly the app is fine.

MIT is aware of the issue. The temporary fix is to NOT drag and drop files until App Inventor is fixed. Once you remove the files, you should be OK with Google Play.


Thank you very much in deed Steve, I will follow your recommendation. As you said i did have dragged a couple of files to my media´s window. I am glad that you say it is not a virus.
I have have removed those files from my media´s window.
Thanks again for your time.