I want to use image classification as healthy an unhealtyh. Anybody can help me?

I want to classify images as healthy and unhealthy. Actually, this is about plants disease detection. CAn any one helo with basic block of codes or any sample aia file i would be happy. Thank you so much in advance.

This might be possible Deepak.

Here is what the community knows about the image classifier extension Search results for 'image classifier' - MIT App Inventor Community

Some help might be in the above link. Exactly what you need to do depends on whether you have gotten the ImageClassifer working with simple comparisons (e.g. dog or cat ). You must create the classification file to get this to work and sometimes it does not do a very good job. :cry:

I suspect exactly what you want to do will not be possible using the classifier. The artificial intelligence is smart but probably not smart enough. You will need examples of the same plant healthy and unhealthy. My experience is the classifier is far from perfect. It is mainly a toy in my opinion. Perhaps others will disagree and will post their opinion.

I suggest instead you provide images of healthy and diseased plants and let the app user decide.

You can try to do this with the classifier. What have you tried?


Thanks for your honest reply. I was using classifier.appinventor.mit.edu for traininng the pictures. Since i do have dataset of plants as labeled healthy and unhealthy.
I was not sure about how to connect that classifier and what must be its block coding

The advice on the following links may help:




The picaboo provides example Block codes.