I want to store double data in tiny db

I want to make a prayer app that can store and share prayer orientation and prayer. I need a function that store them in tiny db using today date as a tag.
I have a problem with checking a tag and saving data
When users press the button to open the saving manu, the app has to check whether today date exist in the tag list or not in order to set the label text to stored data if it do.
So I added such a block but the app doesn’t work after adding it

And I will store double date as list.is it possible?

This will not work:

If I read your blocks correctly:

  1. You get a text string of today's date
  2. You test if that text string IS NOT in your list of existing tags
  3. If the text string is not in the tag list, you then try GET the value of that text string tag (Which doesn't exist) and select the second index of the value (one assumes this must/ is supposed to be a list.)

Remove the not block, and this should then work ...

For the double data (?) requirement

Just set your textbox text blocks to the make a list blocks ?

Stored each data have to be set on each text boxes when users save the data.and has to be set on each label text to show users data

That does not make sense in English - can you draw a diagram for us?

Two datas have to be set on the different text box and text of label respectively

It is the code to save the data

It is the code to set the data on the text box

It is the code to set the data on the label

But the app can’t get the value that users input but get “[“”,””]”
Please help me

when saving data, you only replace the list, but not save again. you need to read data to a list,replace the list, then save back.

Can you show me the exemple

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A blank text is not a list.

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Thank you so much

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