I want to start a player

it's probably because of the source.
It's a link from my onedrive folder where I saved the soundtrack.
I cant upload it because its too big.

for large music files it might take some time until the music starts...
why do you use a Clock component to repeatedly start the player? This does not make much sense, does it?


I used the clock just for the tests.
But the source is not the problem?

How big and which audio format (mp3, wav, ogg, m4a, ...)?


Set the Player.Source before Player.Start (e.g. in the Screen.Ibitialize even).
And then use a Clock: If Player.IsPlaying then Clock.TimerEnabled = false.

Search for "radio app" and "streaming" regarding Doze mode issues on Android 6+ devices.

it's a mp3 file 10,3MB

You can do it by using 7-Zip / WinRAR: