I want to split two text in the app

Hello,I am a beginner of MIT app inventor.
I made an app that generate exam and it's answer using the textual information.So I used the chat bot for generating image and gave a prompt with the example of how it should give the response/answer.
Then I split the text into 2 sentences. but I am facing some issue.I want to solve the issue.Please help me.

the responseText does not contain word 'answer key:'?

No it's contain i command it
Give me a mixed subject question sheet and answer sheet

Give the response/answer like this:-
Section A: Multiple Choice Questions (5 marks)

  1. [1 mark] Which of the following is a characteristic of a mammal?

    • A) Lay eggs
    • B) Breathe through gills
    • C) Warm-blooded
    • D) Photosynthesize
  2. [1 mark] Who is the author of "To a Mockingbird"?

    • A) Ernest Hemingway
    • B) Harper Lee
    • C) Jane Austen
    • D) F. Scott Fitzgerald
  3. [1 mark] What is the chemical symbol for gold?

    • A) Au
    • B) Ag
    • C) Fe
    • D) Cu
  4. [1 mark] Which planet is known as the "Red Planet"?

    • A) Venus
    • B) Jupiter
    • C) Mars
    • D) Saturn
  5. [1 mark] What is the powerhouse of the cell?

    • A) Ribosome
    • B) Mitochondrion
    • C) Golgi apparatus
    • D) Nucleus

Section B: Short Answer Questions (7 marks)

  1. [2 marks] Define the term "Photosynthesis" and briefly explain its importance in the ecosystem.

  2. [2 marks] Name and describe two different types of renewable energy sources.

  3. [3 marks] Explain the concept of supply and demand in economics. Provide an example to illustrate this principle.

Section C: Three-Mark Question (3 marks)

  1. [3 marks] Discuss the impact of climate change on biodiversity and provide three specific example

Answer Key

Section A: Multiple Choice Questions (5 marks)

  1. C) Warm-blooded
  2. B) Harper Lee
  3. A) Au
  4. C) Mars
  5. B) Mitochondrion

Section B: Short Answer Questions (7 marks)

  1. Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to synthesize foods with the help of chlorophyll, converting carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen. Its importance in the ecosystem lies in its role as the primary source of energy for most life forms and the production of oxygen necessary for respiration.

  2. Two examples of renewable energy sources are:

    • Solar energy: It is obtained from the sun's radiation and converted into electricity using photovoltaic cells.
    • Wind energy: Generated by harnessing the kinetic energy of moving air using wind turbines.
  3. Supply and demand is an economic principle that describes the relationship between the quantity of a commodity that producers wish to sell at various prices and the quantity that consumers wish to buy. When the demand for a product increases while its supply remains constant, the price typically goes up. Conversely, if the supply increases and demand remains unchanged, the price tends to decrease. For example, during a drought, the supply of crops may decrease, leading to an increase in prices.

Section C: Three-Mark Question (3 marks)

  1. Impact of climate change on biodiversity:
    • Habitat loss: Changing climate patterns lead to altered habitats, affecting species that rely on specific conditions.
    • Species extinction: Shifts in temperature can outpace species' abilities to adapt, leading to increased extinction rates.
    • Ecosystem disruption: Climate change affects ecosystems' delicate balance, impacting interdependent species and their relationships.

You are not splitting the text into two, since your text does not contain the string "answer key:". There is a string "Answer Key"...is that where you want to divide the text?
That's why you get the error that the list has only one element (you are trying to access to the second element, which doesn't exist), because you are not really splitting the text. You must use a separator string included into the text (for example "Answer Key"). Remember that the split block is case sensitive.

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Should I use other string to split?

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@Ramon is right here.
You may replace answer key: with Answer Key, so the split method should be working as expected.

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