I want to send text and use for control device (BLE coding)

Hello. I'm doing project about control device using bluetooth app.

Our team gave me the 0x*1 without information.

He said this 0x*1 can control the power of device.

Can somebody help me what this mean? I'm trying to ask to team but now answered yet.

You really need to connect with the person on the other side of the connection, to clear this up.

That "0x" in front of the code 0x*1 suggests that this will be a hexadecimal value.

The *1, however sounds like a mask that matches anything ending in 1, like 01,11,21,...,E1,F1
since * is often shorthand for anything.

Ask for the code from the other side, so you can post it here.

thanks for reply. I have to ask him about it quickly as soon as possible. Thank you again.