I want to send hexadecimal value from APP to MCU using Bluetooth

i need send hexadecimal value like 0xAA, 0x22, 0x00, 0x02 at a same time from app to MCU through Bluetooth. i can send Text or ASCII value easily but cannot send hexadecimal value. please give a suggestion how can i send hexadecimal data. Thank you

Make something like that:
If You just write 0xAA (hex number) in
Basic Number Block

Can be used as any positive or negative number. Clicking on the “0” in the block will allow you to change the number.

The block supports normal base-10 numbers (for example: 2, 12, and 2.12), as well as C-like prefixes for other number bases. It supports:

  • Base-2 (binary) numbers, e.g. 0b10 (decimal 2)
  • Base-8 (octal) numbers, e.g. 0o14 (decimal 12)
  • Base-16 (hexadecimal) numbers, e.g. 0xd4 (decimal 212)

Look for the SendBytes block to send multiple bytes at the same time (together).
Use the same encoding mentioned earlier in this thread, but put the codes in a list.