I want to put a 50 Milliseconds delay between each action in a loop for certain amount of time I Can't figure out how to do it

This is the specific command I want it to send the letter F if the following button is pressed each 50 Milliseconds for I minute

See how the Clock component works.

50 ms may be too fast a time, to send messages by BT, you should check if your device correctly receives the data at that rate.

Yeah it's capable because I tried it before using arduino
but the blocks I don't know how to do it can you please help me how to do it because it very important for my project to work

This example interval Clock is 1000, change to 50


borar_btcloock.aia (2.3 KB)

So this will execute the command each 50 Milliseconds for one minute? Thank if it does that
As well as I already have a clock one so do I need clock two and three?

As well as I send the command through Bluetooth but I can't see the Bluetooth

My code is an example, adapt it to yours, add the Bluetooth.SendText block

Can u please do it because I am just a starter and BTW the fire on the clock does it need to be open and the interval of both clicks should be 50 or one 50 and the other 60000 (one minute)

BTW do u have a whatsapp number so I can call you or message u if it's alright of course


I prefer to continue with the information in this Community so that everyone can see the comments.

Yes of course that's ur choice and I respect it but 2 more questions if that's OK with u
The first is about the intervals
What is the interval for the first and secand clock
The secand question is what is the label for
(Set label)

You can change the intervals in the Designer or through blocks.
In this example you put 1000 and 60000.
The Label is just to show you how the information is going to be sent.
If you set an interval of 50ms you won't notice the changes in the Label, that's why I put an interval of 1000.

Thank you very much I will try it and if it works I owe u my life but if it doesn't work can u continue to help me out I will be grateful for you