I want to make save file button

i was wondering how to make save file button my app is drawing so i want to make save button who save the drawing into picture . how i do it ?

blocks (1)

that didnt work what should i do ?

Not sure what it is you are attempting, your blocks will just save an incremental number to the tag "clicks" in tinydb (overwriting the previous saved number).

Do you want to save each element of the drawing, in order that it can be redrawn on the canvas, or do you want to save the entire canvas as an image (there is a block for this) ? - and then display the saved drawing on the canvas for viewing, or further drawing work (you won't be able to edit the previous drawing...)

I mean i want when save button pressed save the drawing to picture with my photos

The canvas component offers two blocks to save the "canvas" as an image:



can u explain more like i put thats two component where? like make save button and download it
png and send it to me. thank you for helping