I want to make navigation app by app inventor

Hi i have some problems about making navigation app
I wanna make navigation app like navigation in our cars
But i can't find how to make this app on internet and i'm not sure is it possible
And If possible, I'd like to combine it with arduino to make an arrow-shaped navigation system on the oled
I hope someone helps me
Thank you

I suggest you search the forum for "navigate" to see what others may have done.

Here is one guide to get you started:

Good luck

I'm sorry, but do you know how to operate this app? I pressed "Find Route" under basic conditions, but an error appears.

Did you get an ORS api key and enter it into the app example? The route service will not run if you do not have a key. The tutorial describes how you can get your free api key.

OK. What is the error message or what happens?