I want to make a message pop up when the player wins

HI I am trying to make a match 5card game and I want a win message to pop up when 5 of the same cards have been picked. The prblem is i cant get anything to work and since every time someone clicks a card i have used the random pick block i dont know how to get the alert to work. Any ideas?

An alert should probably look something like this:


yeah that is what i did. I am just trying to make it pop up when 5 of the same cards have been picked

Are the cards images, buttons or others?

yeah there are 3 images and i made a list containing them and used the pick random item command

So I have an alert ready but I don't know how to make it show up. I want it to show up when a certain amount of images are picked from the pick random command. Any ideas?

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

Also, please explain the gameplay for "match5".

minesweeper (1).aia (25.8 KB)
so i made it simpler so now its like regular minesweeper ( where you click the cards and ifyou click the one with te bomb you lose) . I want to make it that when the player hits the bomb it shows up a message and when the player achieves to avoid the bomb a congrats message to pop up. the progress i have madeso far is just to click teh cards to get simple pictures and not the bomb. I also don know how to make it that every round there is a random place where the bomb is located

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Try this and see if it works for you

minesweeper2.aia (27.2 KB)


I'm not seeing a lot of game play here, compared to the old Windows Minesweeper game, that told you the number of neighbors for cells on the frontier and gave you a chance to think about where bombs might be.

Wow thank you that is exactly what i wanted! I am pretty new to this so that helped a lot! If you have any tips/tutorials i should check out let me know! Again thank you so much!

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