I want to make a list of product categories, please help ...

There is a nearly 100 product list and multiple features of each product.

for example:

product1 = feature1, feature2, feature3, feature4, feature5

product2 = feature1, feature2, feature3, feature4, feature5


if i want:

I pulled the product list to App Inventor Spinner and when I selected any product, the properties of that product

Label1 = feature1

Label2 = feature2

Label3 = feature3 and ....

I could not find any case studies on this subject, I tried to do it myself, but I could not do it.

I would be glad if you share a sample application.
Thank you...

(this is a translation from Google)

Learn about using lists:

General Tutorials

Since App Inventor has just started, I can only apply by looking at the case studies.
If there is a case study, it would be better if you share it.
Thank you

You data model for product features would be a two column table (list of lists) with product name in column 1 and a single feature in column 2. Each product's feature list would be spread out on multiple rows.

See this drink recipes sample app ...
that does lookup of drink recipes by ingredient(s).

The table structure also works for listing celestial neighbors of celestial regions, in this sample:

Ürün Özellikerini ListView'e alabildim fakat Labele'e getirmesini beceremedim.
Ekran görüntüsü ve dosya linkini paylaşıyorum dosya üzerinden yardımcı olursanız sevinirim.
şimdiden teşekkürler.Product_List.aia (2.9 KB)

Here is a sample app that uses a two column table with column 1 a product and column 2 its ingredients.
The structure is the same as a product/features table ...

Capture drink_recipes.aia (6.5 KB) DrinkRecipes.csv (373 Bytes)
My app logic is reversed, asking for an ingredient and returning the drinks that include that ingredient.
It could be reversed back to listing the ingredients of a particular drink by switching the column numbers.

Notice how I kept all the recipes in a .csv file, which is all I would need to change if i wanted to change recipes.

Sorry, I would like to print the product properties on separate labels.

Can you predict the maximum number of properties, and stay within that limit?

I do this communication through google translate since i don't know english.
I did not understand your last answer.