I want to make a history tab

I am having problems making a history tag. This is an example for reference. A user signs up with a username and password. Then from a list picker, he will have to choose a colour. After that he will can see a listview where he can see his previous history ( what colours he had previously chose). Every user after entering his username and password and after choosing a colour can see the colours he had previously choose. I want to make this type of history tab. Any ideas?

Save a list into TinyDB with the selected items. When the user login, recover the list and display it in the listView or wherever you want to display it.

You can use, for example, the username like tag in tinyDB, and the list of items (colors or whatever) like value.

A very simple example:

OtherTinyDBSample.aia (3.4 KB)

EDIT: I have seen in other topic that you are already using CloudDB for the register/login step....you can use CloudDB to store this history, under the same tag than the rest of profile information.