I want to make a app for exam preparation


I want to make a app that makes questions and answers from text [input in pdf or in text box]
Than when I click a button it shows a set of exam paper . In this app also the time is fixed. When the time end it will give the answer sheet.
So tell how to make it. Please.
I am new in MIT app inventor.but I know the bacics.

The first part of your topic was fine, but then came....

If you want to make it, you should start with something. Don't expect us to deliver all the code and answers for you. We have topics here about quizzes, databases, OCR, clocks, etc, etc. Search and study them. Start your project, start small, and if you have something to show or a specific question then ask here.

Good luck :+1:

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Was this related to this topic? Need help to make a studying app

No this is different but these are close

I used ocr.space as a Oct and used text box.
I want to make the question and answer using ai
But which ai I should use for this.
Please suggest me free one.

Why not use Google and try several of them. We even have a AI ChatBot ourselves.

AI is often limited when free but could be enough for you. Like I said, try what works for you.

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